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Learning HTML

Learning HTML is not a very complex thing at all. Before talking about the process of coding HTML, let us have a look at what it is actually.

At ancient time HTML was used to serve just textual information to global users. Following the time, it came with much more attractive ways to serve information in terms of media elements like images, sounds, videos etc.  It’s nothing but a Markup Language, which transforms the source code into presentable format with variations in output. Some of the variations are

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Italic texts and a few more

How we want to display certain information to our target users, it completely depends up on the need to express different phrases. Global web developer & designer community follows some standardized ways though to present certain portions of a HTML page like:

  • Positioning the main navigation menu
  • Main content section of a page
  • One/more optional sidebar(s) as per the preferred layout to design a document
  • A footer section to display either minor interested data for a visitor or certain repeated data from somewhere on the same page or both. An optional copyright message and a few more.

The very basic and a standard structure of an HTML page is as follows

{DOCTYPE declaration}
<html ..>
    <head ..>
       <meta ...>...
       <title>Document title to be displayed on your browser tab and on search result</title>
       <link ...>...
       <script ...>...
       Some more tags as per requirements [eg: social tags]

   <body ...>
      [The data that would actually be rendered on your browser]

At present time, perhaps we all, who are in touch with recent-age technology, gadgets, forums and so, have heard the name HTML5. As a passionate learner it may have strike your mind at least once, what’s more in this name than only HTML? Well, I’m not really going to elaborate the differences here right now, rather would just say, it’s a revolutionary version of HTML with more interactive features. For now, let us go step by step. First of all, learn the useful HTML tags that are used to present data on a web page. An ample number of online resources are available around the web which are good enough to kick start your journey with web development. I’m going to refer the best ones for you.

Here sharing some useful resources links to get you started with HTML:

Nevertheless, if you get any confusion while going through the tuts or get any question on mind, feel free to write to me. I’ll try my level best to reach you ASAP with honest answer. Will go to next level soon!


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