Learnig jQuery Basics
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Learning jQuery

The term jQuery is very easy to be heard these days. Well, what is this actually. Its nothing but a library built with the well known client-side scripting language, Javascript. The difficulty you gotta face to learn about this awesome framework depends on the experience you gained with

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Javascript and
  • General programming language concepts, of course.

If you already have gained enough knowledge on above mentioned skills, then its your perfect timing to start learning jQuery. Since jQuery is built of Javascript, we should know a bit about Javascript. Introduced at the dawn of the web, JavaScript is a powerful and expressive language that runs inside the browser in conjunction with HTML and CSS. Based on an open standard called ECMAScript, JavaScript has quickly become the “programming language of the web.” All the power of jQuery is accessed via JavaScript, so needless to say, it’s an important language to learn. Having a basic knowledge of JavaScript will go a long way in understanding, structuring, and debugging your code. So, a valid question might come up on your mind that “If I am already familiar Javascript, why the hell should I learn jQuery? Whats special about this stuff?” Here is the answer: As I already stated, jQuery is a framework built using JavaScript capabilities. So you can use all the functions and other capabilities available in JavaScript by writing minimal amount of codes. In other words, jQuery made it easy for developers to pour the capabilities of Javascript on a web project by writing a lot less lines of code, of course regardless of cross-browser functionality support headache (which browser supports which approach of writing JS codes). The first thing you should know about jQuery is about the dollar symbol ($). What is $ in jQuery prospect? The jQuery library provide us the base function to start with it. Its jQuery() itself, and $ is just the short-hand of the same. This function let us pick any element from our HTML’s Document Object Model(DOM) to process some Javascript operation on them. Before of using jQuery, you need to include the jQuery library on your HTML document. We can include this library either from local filesystem or from any Content Delivery Network (CDN)

//Include from local filesystem
//Include from CDN

It basically let us select any element within DOM in two ways:

  • Selection by elements tag name. jQuery traverse the entire DOM starting from browser window. Here is an example:
$('html') or,
              //Selects the tag within the DOM.
              //Selects any tags within the DOM.
  • Selection by the CSS class (starting with .) or/and CSS ID (starting with #). Example:
$('.class, #ID', ...) or,
jQuery('class, #ID, ...')
              //Selects all the elements with given class or/and ID within the DOM.

An ample number of online resources are available around the web which are good enough to  start learning jQuery in details. I’m going to refer the best ones for you. Here sharing some useful resources links to get you started with jQuery:

Nevertheless, if you get any confusion while going through the tuts or get any question on mind, feel free to write to me. I’ll try my level best to reach you ASAP with assistive answer.


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