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Why not bootstrapping your website yet?

Beautiful websites on the internet look so good and amazing. Time has changed and now websites are not only for information and stuff. They say even more to the visitors. I wont be wrong for sure if I say (as  I’m not a  person with marketing skills), these days websites are developed with the first target in mind to engage most of the visitors on your site with very less bounce rate. To achieve this target, following things are being maintained on any average website

  • Beautiful
  • Easy to use, ahh I mean, navigate (Note.across most of the available devices at the the day of release)
  • Great readability
  • Fast to load even with worst connectivity
  • A few more constraints, but I’m not going in dept with that.

So, the first point is beautiful, catchy to your visitors’.eyes with proper alignments and elegant design view. Are you going to achieve these? Hell Yeah! A very fast, efficient, all-in-one approach is here.

It’s been long enough that the front-end developers community has got a great gift from none other than the Twitter, and its named the Bootstrap.  Bootstrap was originally named as Twitter Blueprint. For more info about the history of Bootstrap, you can lead to Official Wikipedia page of Bootstrap.

With Bootstrap, it made easy to develop a web site/app in a proper code hierarchical order. The latest stable release 3.3.7 is having a bunch of features in terms of style rules as well as the required elements/effects and all which you might need on your website to enrich the user experience across your website. I cant resist myself to name a few of ’em

  • Modals (Needs bootstrap.js)
  • Tooltips (Needs bootstrap.js)
  • Popovers (Needs bootstrap.js)
  • Progress bars
  • Responsive images/videos/iframes
  • Lots of glyphicons (even you can go for FontAwesome which is another Awesome piece indeed)

More than that, a hell lot of bootstrap compatible plugins are available out there and the best thing, most of ’em are open source MIT licensed.

I’m not going write some code snippets of Bootstrap here because they would be irrelevant as their Official Documentation is awesomely documented.

However, I would love to be in help if any of you geeks needs any assistance to learn or improve this awesome CSS framework.

Learn great things, make greater things!



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