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Why not bootstrapping your website yet?

Beautiful websites on the internet look so good and amazing. Time has changed and now websites are not only for information and stuff. They say even more to the visitors. I wont be wrong for sure if I say (as  I’m not a  person with marketing skills), these days websites are developed with the first target in mind to engage most of the visitors on your site with very less bounce rate. To achieve this target, following things are being maintained on any average website

  • Beautiful
  • Easy to use, ahh I mean, navigate (Note.across most of the available devices at the the day of release)
  • Great readability
  • Fast to load even with worst connectivity
  • A few more constraints, but I’m not going in dept with that.

So, the first point is beautiful, catchy to your visitors’.eyes with proper alignments and elegant design view. Are you going to achieve these? Hell Yeah! A very fast, efficient, all-in-one approach is here.

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Learning HTML

Learning HTML is not a very complex thing at all. Before talking about the process of coding HTML, let us have a look at what it is actually.

At ancient time HTML was used to serve just textual information to global users. Following the time, it came with much more attractive ways to serve information in terms of media elements like images, sounds, videos etc.  It’s nothing but a Markup Language, which transforms the source code into presentable format with variations in output. Some of the variations are

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Italic texts and a few more

How we want to display certain information to our target users, it completely depends up on the need to express different phrases. Global web developer & designer community follows some standardized ways though to present certain portions of a HTML page like: Continue reading