Learnig jQuery Basics
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Learning jQuery

The term jQuery is very easy to be heard these days. Well, what is this actually. Its nothing but a library built with the well known client-side scripting language, Javascript. The difficulty you gotta face to learn about this awesome framework depends on the experience you gained with

  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Javascript and
  • General programming language concepts, of course.

If you already have gained enough knowledge on above mentioned skills, then its your perfect timing to start learning jQuery. Continue reading

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Next skill I want to build

Even recent forums say, the basic knowledge of a few web technologies every single person should have. Here in Trending Around (TA), we’ll be discussing about all the skills you want to build.

You are a beginner? and trying to find resources, eBooks, PDFs, blah blah blah to get a proper guidance to develop certain skills. Reason: This is the Next skill I want to build.

Alright then, come let us start the lessons right today, from right here, through some discussions, posts, your questions, my answers. When it comes to learning something good and productive, there should be no timeĀ  to wait till tomorrow to get started. Let us start with the poll right here. Vote on which skill you want to learn next.

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